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Buffalo DriveStation DDR 2.0TB - 2 TB - HDD - HDD - Serial ATA II - 2000 GB - 1024 MB

Product number: HD-GD2.0U3-EU

SATA II - USB 3.0 - 5Gb/s

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Dynamic Random-Access Memory External Hard Drive Buffalo’s DDR3 Technology Delivers Capacity and Speed Buffalo Technology’s new dynamic random-access memory external hard drive is capable of extremely fast data-transfer speeds with an extra-large 1GB cache. With the DRAM cache function enabled, the HD-GDU3 series hard drive efficiently buffers files during jobs enabling write speeds over 400 MBs. Ready to copy 1,000 – 800MB – photos? You’ll be done in about 3.5 seconds. Read speed is also impressive via the DRAM cache enabling speeds of up to 300 MBs which equates to approximately 1,000 – 800 MB – photos in 6.2 seconds. Best of all, Buffalo is able to bring you this impressive technology in an affordable package, while still maintaining the quality you’ve come to know and expect. Buffalo Technology’s HD-GDU3 series is available in 2 or 3TB capacities.


Data transfer rate
5000 Mbps
2 years
1 kg
HDD bus
SATA / 300
Storage class
Storage system
Storage server
Universal interfaces
USB 3.0