Auerswald TFS-Dialog 400 - Access control terminal with fingerprint reader

Product number: 90168


Estimated delivery time 2 - 5 working days


Made for an analogue extension input of your telephone system
TFS-Dialog 400 can be connected to an a/b port of any ICT system – whether it’s from Auerswald or any other manufacturer. But it also gets along perfectly with an AVM Fritz!Box or an Alcatel/Avaya/Unify system in a business environment. When connecting it to an Auerswald ICT system, however, you’ll benefit from a template which greatly simplifies getting started.

Coding is done by an app
Phone numbers, functions or the freely selectable number of call buttons – everything can be coded conveniently and quickly via smartphone app (Android and iOS). These settings are simply transferred to the door terminal – to be stored or changed as needed.

A sensor field replaces mechanical keys
The illuminated sensor field with its energy-saving LED technology is clearly perceptible by day or night. In summer or winter, in the wet and in the dry, with gloves or a bare finger, the sensor field reliably indicates any "key pressed".

Lock with numerical code
Deactivate the alert system or open the door conveniently without a key – simply by entering a 4 to 8-digit code via the numeric field superimposed on the sensor field. This "code lock" can be used parallel to the door bell function or separately.

Indirect, discreet ambient lighting
The indirect wraparound ambient lighting uses white LEDs to emit all light to the rear; all it takes is an additional bell transformer. Once that’s installed, you may as well use further functions, such as e.g. a door opener.

Intelligent “door open” detection
Via a contact at the door (not included in the scope of delivery), the door terminal will be able to detect if the door has been opened upon pressing a bell button. In that case, the phone will immediately stop ringing.

Adaptable to loud environments
No matter if the door terminal is installed next to a busy road or in a tranquil environment – the TFS-Dialog 400 lets you choose between two sensitivity levels for loud or quiet environments.

Additional switching contacts
The call station offers three additional relay contacts which may be used e.g. to control a door opener, the light in the hallway or to connect an additional door bell – provided there is a bell transformer.

Do more “tricks” with an a/b switch module
If you want to activate further functions aside from the bell ringing, an optional a/b switch module from Auerswald will pay off immediately – to turn on the light in the hallway or to control the door bell. Are you talking to a einem visitor at your door? Simply hit the number key for the door opener!

Ultra-flat and correspondingly discreet
Designed for surface-mounted installation, the TFS-Dialog 400 surprises with an unusually flat design: despite its 6 mm strong safety glass which is immune to breakage and scratches, this door intercom system is only 28 mm deep altogether.


Integrated network functions (Mailbox, Fax, Firewall, etc.)
Glass; Plastic
Network protocols
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