Jabra Link 950 USB-A - Interface adapter - Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) - Polycarbonate - 190.8 g - Black

Product number: 1950-79

Digital - 0.11 m - USB Typ C

Main features
Produktbeschreibung Jabra LINK 950 - Audioprozessor für Telefon
Type Audio Accessory
Produkttyp Audioprozessor
Bestimmt für Telefon
Produkttyp Audioprozessor
Bestimmt für Telefon
Verbindungen USB - 4 PIN USB Type A
eClass-10.1-ID 19089190
eClass-11.1-ID 19089090
eClass-6.2-ID 19089190
eClass-7.1-ID 19089190
eClass-8.1-ID 19089190
eClass-9.1-ID 19089190
eClass-ID 19089190
UNSPSC 20.0601 Code 43222825
custom tariff number 85177000
The Jabra Link 950 enables you to handle all your calls on a high-performing USB headset with superior sound and features such as active noise cancellation (ANC), a busylight and microphone positioning guidance - boosting your productivity and helping combat noise and interruptions in the open office.

The Jabra Link 950 helps boost productivity by enabling you to use a USB headset, either with just your desk phone or with your desk phone and softphone.
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