ASUS RS700A-E9-RS4V2 - Server

Product number: 90SF0061-M01590

rack-mountable - 1U - 2-way - no CPU - RAM 0 GB - SATA - hot-swap 3.5" bay(s) - no HDD - AST2500 - GigE - no OS - monitor: none

Estimated delivery time 2 - 5 working days


The RS700 features numerous user-friendly design features that simplify server maintenance. It has a smart thermal radar design with more ambient thermal sensors for the CPU, memory, GPU, SSD, LAN card and front-panel board that provide improved temperature monitoring and enable dynamic fan speed adjustment for better power efficiency. This smart thermal design reduces fan power consumption and eliminates the power-sharing board for improved efficiency and lower operation costs.


Effective memory frequency
2,400.267 MHz
Hard disk
128 GB
Main memory
8 GB
Rack height units
1 HE
USB 3.0


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